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Additional lighting in the rear hatch door for the cargo area.

Anybody who has owned a Commander for any period of time knows that the rear hatch/cargo area is very lighting deficient at night.

Here is a modification that I picked up from someone over on the [sign in to see URL] forum where I am a moderator;

One issue that I ran into was that the interior hatch light had two wires going to it.

One is red with a white stripe, the other is yellow with an orange stripe.

I was assuming that the Yellow wire with the Orange stripe was the ground - but I had a little hesitation, because obviously, ground wires are typically black about 98% of the time.

Fortunately I found a wiring diagram for a 2006 Commander which confirmed the yellow wire with the orange stripe is the ground for all interior dome lights as I suspected.


[sign in to see URL]%[sign in to see URL]

I had the interior panel off of the rear hatch door yesterday checking out the wiring harness and looking to see how it's routed and trying to figure out exactly how I want to wire the LED's in.

When I pulled the rear hatch interior light out, 2 of the plastic tabs on the cover of the light snapped off, the whole light housing (which of course is plastic) is very brittle probably from heat & age, so, I ordered a new one from the dealership.

I just finished installing and wiring the rear hatch LED [sign in to see URL] a pain in the arse that [sign in to see URL] had to pull the entire interior hatch panel off to be able to do the [sign in to see URL] SUCKED!!!

rboots said this was [sign in to see URL], in my opinion, it was very tedious.

It probably took me about 2 1/2 hours from start to finish.

The wire those LED's come wired with is extremely thin and somewhat difficult to strip and splice.

I had to add additional wire to the wire the LED's came with to make it long enough to comfortably splice into the existing rear hatch light wiring.

I could not find any way to snake the LED wiring through the rear hatch interior door panel without taking it off - for me, there just was not enough space to work.

Once I took the rear hatch interior panel off completely, it made things somewhat simpler - although I did break one of the plastic clips that holds it in place.

Fortunately I had some left over clips from my old door molding that I took off yesterday, that I saved - which will temporarily substitute nicely for the one I broke today, until I can order a new one.

But it's done, it works and it looks pretty damn good if I do say so myself, can't wait to see it tonight.

I also replaced the rear hatch light that I broke with the new one that I ordered from the dealership and replaced the original bulb it came with with an LED.

A couple of daytime pics:

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Night-time pics:

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