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Need to get a Factory Build Sheet for your Commander?

To get the factory build sheet for the Commander you are looking at, or for the Commander you have already bought, click on the link below and navigate to "Your Vehicle" click on "Equipment Listing" and then enter your VIN number in the box that says "VIN" and hit "Search". The factory build sheet will list all of the factory options & optional preferred equipment packages that your vehicle had installed from the factory when it was built.

[sign in to see URL]

Here is a secondary link to get the same factory build sheet:

[sign in to see URL]

As a last resort, you can e-mail or call Chrysler customer service with the last 8 characters of your VIN number and request a factory build sheet for your Commander - which will list all of the options & packages your Commander had installed from the factory when it was built.

Chrysler's customer service e-mail address and phone number are below;

customerassist@[sign in to see URL]

1-800-4A-DODGE (1-800-423-6343).

Additionally if you buy a Commander, and it didn't come with an owner's manual, you can download and print a factory owner's manual from this website; here is the link - and again, this is from the same website I listed above, I just navigated to the point where you select "year" and "model" of the vehicle you want the owner's manual for:

[sign in to see URL]

This kind of factory documentation is often lost after the vehicle is sold by the original owner.

It's very important to know for certain, what features your XK came with from the factory - as opposed to aftermarket upgrades that previous owners may have installed.


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