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Big Blue gets some new shoes.....

Well, as much as I hate to admit it, my Centerline rims have finally reached the end of their life span and they are now giving me problems that I'm no longer willing to deal with.

After 6 years of use on 2 different Jeeps, I've had 2 of them develop very small, pin-hole size cracks on me in the last 6 weeks.

I wound up having to get them tig-welded almost completely around the entire circumference of the rim. This was on a line where the manufacturer apparently, had milled too deeply and over time, with stress & wear, the area that was milled too deeply, slowly started to separate and eventually a very small, pinhole/hairline crack developed on the inner, horizontal surface of the rims - causing the rims to lose their airtight integrity.

While the 2 that failed are working fine now after being tig-welded, it's just a matter of time before the other 2 crack and I don't need to be worried about my rims failing under stress while driving - or worse yet, under load while towing. Funny thing is when I went to look up Centerline's number to have a chat with them about it, I found out that they had recently went out of business - which was somewhat surprising as they had been in business for at 40 years that I know of. It's the end of an ERA I guess.

So, as much as I loved them, they had to go.

Out with the old & in with the new:

These are the specifics of my new rims and I'm also happy to report, just like with my old Centerlines, there is no rubbing whatsoever:

BRAND: American Racing
STYLE: AR969 Ansen Off Road
SIZE: 17x8
OFFSET: +0mm
HUB BORE: 71.5
FINISH: Machined Face w/Satin Black Ring
PART NUMBER: AR96978050500

Here are a few pics:

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