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The steps you should take if you are looking at an XK you like & may want to buy.

Here is a good car buying search engine called [sign in to see URL] that I already set up to search in Austin, TX just as an example; I just picked a random zip code for Austin, TX and used a 100 mile search radius; you can just change the zip code for your geographical area and change the search radius to whatever suits you;

[url][sign in to see URL]

At a quick glance with what the search results yielded - this one is not bad; The mileage is on the high side, but, the price is right - only $6,[sign in to see URL]:

[url][sign in to see URL]

It also needs to have the N23 recall completed (THE FINAL DRIVE CONTROLLER MODULE MUST BE REPROGRAMMED WITH UPDATED SOFTWARE) which you could use as ammunition to chew them down even more on the price: You can see that here when you plug in the VIN (1J8HG48P87C601147) which I pulled off of cargurus:

[sign in to see URL]

It's a 2007 Sport with 148,275 miles on it & it has the [sign in to see URL] V-8 and it's a 4x4 with QT-II which gives you the ability to drop down into 4-LOW because it has a 2 speed (NV245) transfer case and it also has [sign in to see URL] gears in the rear end, which makes it a true Jeep Trail-Rated 4x4, here is the build sheet for it:

[url][sign in to see URL]

The reason why I did all this is not because I want anybody to buy it, it's to set an example for our forum members:

This is all the information you should have in hand when you are going to look at - or buy a Commander if you want to make a smart & informed purchase; Of course I'd definitely recommend having a CARFAX report, along with the complete maintenance history of the vehicle as well.

Good luck with your search.

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