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Stereo/Sound system upgrades in my 08 Commander.

So I had the Factory Boston acoustics MyGIG Media Center 430 CD/DVD/MP3/HDD 6 speaker Premium Sound System with the 276 watt factory amplifier in my Commander when I bought it - and while the system was adequate, I wanted to make it better.

So, I did several modifications.

First and foremost, I got rid of the factory head unit after replacing it twice (2nd time didn't cost me anything but still). FCA dealerships only have reconditioned head units - you can not get them made new anymore yet they still charge you "New Unit" Prices $[sign in to see URL] or so as I recall and I've found that the reconditioned head units just do not last, so, I opted for the reliability of a new Pioneer AVH-X490BS CD/DVD RDS AV head unit with Sirius XM Receiver. One of the best moves I made, it takes a little while to learn how to navigate it, but, well worth it for the reliability of a NEW head unit - plus I have Blue Tooth now, which I did not have previously with my factory unit.

Even with the extra $[sign in to see URL] I had to spend for the Sirius XM Receiver, the entire job (parts & labor) was still $[sign in to see URL] cheaper then just the price of a new Factory reconditioned head unit.

Second thing, I upgraded all of the factory speakers and the factory amp with the "MOPAR Kicker Upgrade package" which included the following components:

77KICK18AB 8 Channel, 368 Watt amplifier.
77KICK11AB Front 6x9 mid-bass speakers and 3.5" 2-way dash tweeters.

Additionally, I changed out the only remaining factory speakers, which were the rear door speakers, with Kicker 77KICK10 6.5" 2-way rear door speakers, which were NOT included in the "MOPAR Kicker upgrade package".

Lastly, I added a 10 inch self-amplified Bazooka Tube (PART # BTA10100) which has it's own self-contained 100 watt amplifier; this was the icing on the cake. This gave my sound system that nice rich bass that it was missing.

It's a pretty impressive sound system that is far superior to the factory Premium Sound System.

Here are some pics:

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